The SpokenWeb Podcast

Invisible Labour

Episode Summary

From archival work to domestic and care work or the hidden labour behind the podcast you're listening to right now… invisible labour is everywhere. That is, the work and the people not always seen from the outside or valued in our day to day lives. This month we reflect on the often invisible (or inaudible) labour entangled in the SpokenWeb archives. The SpokenWeb team at University of British Columbia Okanagan invite us to listen in to the personal stories of labour hidden behind the tapes found in their SoundBox Collection - in its digitization, editing and creative-critical action that bring these archives to life.

Episode Notes

SpokenWeb is a monthly podcast produced by the SpokenWeb team as part of distributing the audio collected from (and created using) Canadian Literary archival recordings found at universities across Canada. To find out more about Spokenweb visit: . If you love us, let us know! Rate us and leave a comment on Apple Podcasts or say hi on our social media @SpokenWebCanada.

Episode Producers:

SpokenWeb UBC Okanagan AMP Lab Team with audio production by Nour Sallam and Craig Carpenter. Keep up to date with their current projects and events at


Tallman, Warren. "[Warren Tallman reading Walt Whitman's 'Crossing Brooklyn Ferry']." N.d. Home recording. Reel-to-reel tape. SpokenWeb at UBC Okanagan, SoundBox Collection, Warren Tallman fonds, 2012.002.005.